building stories secret spatial histories of santa cruz

The building collective is interested in exploring and transforming spaces. For Work in Progress, we will transform the space of the museum by filling it with secret histories excavated from everyday spaces throughout Santa Cruz. Every other week, we will invite amateur historians, story makers, accidental geographers, and other participants to the museum to drink coffee, eats snacks, and create shared spatial histories by sharing stories in a shared space. These shared histories will become a giant concept map drawn on the walls that will serve as a record of these meetings and explore connections between the social and material practices that continually recreate the spaces we inhabit.

Do you know a secret something about Santa Cruz?

Share it.

Schedule of workshops:
December 21st: Downtown

Jan 11st: Westside

Jan 25: UC Santa Cruz and the greenbelt 

Feb 8: the mighty San Lorenzo River and its levees

Feb 22: Midtown / Seabright / Branciforte

Mar 8: Beach Flats / Boardwalk

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the building collective
Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History